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Semco Style Stories:
World wide webinar series with authentic stories on self-organization’s chances and challenges

Travel around the world with us virtually and immerse yourself in the extraordinary journeys of ordinary people and companies who embarked on a mission to self-organization. You’ll deepen your understanding of self-organization, get inspired by practical examples, and you will have the chance to interact during and after the sessions. Speakers and attendees coming from all over the world, sharing the mutual ambition to shape the future of work. Each session is an one-hour during webinar including interview and Q&A.

Australian Radio Towers:
The Chance and Challenge of Accountability

April 8, 08.00 CEST Time zone (UTC +2)

When Australian Radio Towers was founded by Andrew Price more than ten years ago, he already had a firm belief in the power of a flat structure. Nowadays, a flat and open structure still characterizes Australian Radio Towers, as much as high pace and high commitment. Nevertheless, individual accountability proved to be both a challenge and a chance.

In this Semco Style Stories we’ll talk about steps to accountability and the joy that it brings. Also we will explore the role of those who facilitate the change: Andrew Price, Kirra Kellie, Philip van Coller and Domenico Pinto.

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