ACE for Human Capital

Agile Culture Essentials – Human Capital


Agile is the new world order of how modern organizations function in the VUCA world. It is time for HR leaders to recognize how such tectonic shifts impact the way their companies function and how to embrace modern Agile friendly HR practices. Being Agile today is no longer a luxury – it’s an imperative to stay competitive by getting the best out of an organizations’ most strategic asset – it’s human capital.

The Semco Style framework, built over 30 years of practicing these revolutionary ideas on harnessing the power of people is aligned to Agility in every way.

Interested in learning how to get a break out of the old and bring in the new for your Agile organization?

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30th Jul 21 | 16:00 Hrs (UTC + 5.30)

6th Aug 21 | 16:00 Hrs (UTC + 5.30)