Ownership Culture Essentials workshop gears up leaders in organizations with proven practices that will help them build a culture of ownership and accountability in their teams and organization. Leadership Development Consultants can also benefit from learning these practices.



Ownership Culture Survey to map your team culture on Ownership Maturity Grid.


A 2-day in-person workshop, where you learn key Semco Style practices and create Personal Action Plan that will help you move your team culture up the levels of Ownership.

Post Workshop

Periodic coaching sessions and access Semco Style Toolkit to help with implementation.

Three good reasons

To start your Ownership Culture Building journey with Semco Style Institute

Level up your Leadership Skills

Learn how to assess ownership maturity in your team and learn how to take it up systematically to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in the team.

Hands-on tools and practices

The hands-on workshop will enable you as a leader to build your personal action plan based on insights from Maturity Assessment, the know-how of critical Semco Style practices. You also receive coaching during the implementation.


Proof of what you have achieved. After 4 sessions of in-depth learning, you will be receiving the official Ownership Culture Essentials Practitioner certificate.

program information

The Ownership Culture Essential program if offered on both online and offline mode. 


Registrations are open for our On-line workshop.

Our online workshop for leaders on Ownership Culture Essentials starts 2nd Decmeber.


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Session 0 : Ownership Culture Survey

In this optional pre-workshop activity, we will do Ownership Maturity Survey of your teams and map your teams on to Ownership Maturity Grid that will come handy for you to build your own personal action plan as you go through the rest of the sessions. 

Session 1 : 

Introduction to Semco Style Basics. Detailed understanding of the Ownership Maturity Grid

Session 2 :

Learn the different Semco Style Practices that can be implemented at different stages of the maturity grid using case-study, role-play and other experiential learning tools.


Session 3 : 

Complete the Ownership Maturity journey with additional Semco Style Practices and recap.

Session 4 :

Create your Action Plan. The session provides an opportunity for collective inputs to your plan before you go out and implement it.

Coaching Sessions :

In the post-workshop coaching sessions, we will focus on addressing implementation-specific challenges brought up by the participants while they are executing their action plans.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand where your organization is on Ownership Maturity.
  • Understand how a leader can build clarity and alignment of purpose for the team.
  • Techniques and tools to create a psychologically safe environment for teams to take decisions pertaining to their work. 
  • Understand how to establish and conduct meaningful rhythms of governance and retrospectives.
  • Understand how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and create a culture of ownership.

Program Faculty

Vandana Malaiya

Partner, SemcoStyle Institute India

Vandana is a certified consultant and partner at Semco Style Institute India. She has over 30 years of experience in leading delivery and large-scale transformation projects in the IT industry. Over the last 3 years, she has been working with clients to build happy, high-performing teams.

Milind Vaidya

Partner, SemcoStyle Institute India

Milind is a certified Semco Style consultant and partner at Semco Style Institute India. Milind has over 30 years of experience in building high performing teams, driving organizational transformations. For last three years, he has been coaching and consulting clients in their journey of buidling high perfoming organizations leveraging Semco Style.

Prarthana Magod

Partner, SemcoStyle Institute India

An Organizational Psychologist, well versed with setting up and streamlining people processes in startups and established organizations. Passionate about working with people and helping them realize their potentials. A firm believer that organizations are run by people and not process or technology.