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High ownership culture is characterized by employees who are highly engaged, don’t wait for instructions, proactively tackle issues, feel empowered to make decisions and challenge, not just take orders, take responsibility for outcomes, and are guided by values than by rules.

Such a culture allows leaders to focus on growth initiatives instead of being pulled into tactical day-to-day operations.


Organizations that succeed in building a culture of ownership and accountability are likely to have a competitive edge over rivals in the market. The good news is with a set of Semco Style practices,  leaders can bring about behavioural changes and build this culture and mindset.

About Ownership Culture Essentials

Poll after poll, show that a significant majority of employees are disengaged at work. And that means leaders and entrepreneurs get sucked into operational work – what we call working “in the business”.

The Ownership Culture Essentials intervention is aimed at inculcating ownership mindset in teams which then allows leaders working ON THE BUSINESS rather than IN THE BUSINESS

Ownership is a function of two variables: Degree of Commitment and Degree of Participation. When actions on these two variables are not balanced, the culture ends up being either one of apathy or one of high stress. Semco Style Institute has an objective method to map the current state of ownership in the organization on the Ownership Maturity Grid, which forms a basis for leaders to begin. 

The Semco Style framework provides set of practices that can be implemented to help leaders grow their teams on the  Ownership maturity journey.

How you can start this journey

Ownership Culture Essentials – Workshop 

Any sustainable culture change needs to start from the top. This workshop helps leaders to understand the ownership growth model and experience the tools to assess the current state and learn practices that can aid in moving self and organization to the desired state. 

Spread over four, 4 hour sessions, followed by 8 coaching sessions of  30 minutes,  the workshop will equip participants with the practices needed to build a sustainable ownership culture.

Ownership : Skill-set or Mind-set?

Article: What differentiates people who take ownership from those who don’t?


What differentiates highly successful teams from others? It is undoubtadly the level of ownership team members feel and take. But it is often debated if ownership is a skill that can be taught or a mind-set that people are born with or grow into when they take on entrepreneurial roles.

Nearly 100% of the entrepreneurs and leaders surveyed last year felt that their teams don’t take ownership of their tasks and they spend a lot of time solving operational challenges. In other words, entrepreneurs spend most of their time working in the business, while in reality they need to work on-the business.

Best place to get inspration and learn when it comes to team behaviors is sports and there is a lot one can learn about ownership as well.

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