The founder and CEO of our client, a large Facilities Management company with over 6000 employees, believed in the potential of his people. However, convincing his leadership team to share this belief proved challenging. “I want to transform ‘blue-collared’ housekeeping staff to ‘gold-collared’ empowered workforce”. This was where he sought our help. Building transparency and trust were a few of several initiatives we employed to make this happen. Several noteworthy strategic decisions were made by the on-ground teams in this transformation. One such example is the story below.

When the company decided to bid for a contract at one of India’s busiest airports, the housekeeping staff were left to negotiate the terms in the CEO’s absence. They had to quickly choose between the passenger and cargo terminals—an issue that would have normally required the CEO’s input. The services industry is very competitive, they did not have the luxury of time to wait for him to be contacted.  Realizing this, the team quickly deliberated internally and opted for the passenger terminal. Later when the CEO asked why they did it, they remarked “It was an opportunity to serve travellers who could be business owners. If we did a good job, it could open more doors. We wouldn’t have got this in the cargo terminal!”
This audacious move by housekeeping staff on the ground secured the deal, significantly boosting their revenue for the year.

Our key practices that empowered the on-ground team to make these crucial decisions included:
#Transparency of Financials and Goal #Clarity: The company’s financial health and clearly defined #KPIs presented in a straightforward format ensured every employee comprehended the business goals and the current status.
#RhythmOfGovernance: Focused, brief, and appropriately spaced meetings facilitated leaders in monitoring progress, empowering teams, and intervening only when necessary. This enabled the shift from controlling people to controlling the situation.
#FearlessIdeation: Coaching leaders to listen without judgment and speak last fostered a culture of inclusive decision-making.

Our belief that worked – Unfiltered transparency and trust in people’s ability empowers them to make strategic decisions. The impact was palpable—the team embraced their decision, demonstrating unwavering commitment to growth.

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