The India division of a global mining equipment manufacturer was recording steady year-over-year growth. While the prevalent functional structure delivered business results, it fostered a culture of blame and finger-pointing. The MD believed they weren’t performing to their full potential because they were locally optimized – focusing on departmental goals rather than organizational or global goals. We were engaged to guide the company’s transition from a functional to a value-driven structure. This shift required changing mindsets, not just organizational charts.

Aligning the leadership team and establishing clear “success criteria” was crucial. This involved engaging the senior leadership team in an exercise to define organization-level KPIs, limiting them to four to maintain focus. Then, a value-mapping exercise with the broader leadership team established a shared vision of how the new structure would function and deliver value to individuals and the organization.

After setting up cross-functional teams without specific functional leaders, we guided their evolution into self-organizing teams, which are essential for realizing the company’s true potential.

Although team members knew each other, they were required to work as a unified team for the first time. Facilitating open dialogue allowed team members to redefine their roles and clarify their contributions to the team’s and organization’s KPIs. Interventions like regular huddles, 15-minute morning updates, and open retrospectives kept the teams aligned and adaptable.

The change was gathering momentum. Engagement levels rose, connecting everyone from the “top floor” to the “shop floor”. In one incident, the team delivered five proposals to overseas clients within a week that could have easily taken months in the past. A particular “aha” moment for the MD came when a welder shared how regular communication, role clarity, and the breakdown of silos helped him adjust and accept changing priorities, which previously felt random and frustrating. According to the MD, these were all great confirmations that the company was on the right track to achieve its objectives.

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