Business Agility Coaching

Business Agility Coaching

Agile is no more just a “IT” thing. All businesses, cutting across sectors and size, need to think agile and be agile in this highly volatile and uncertain world. Business agility is about organization’s ability to respond to rapidly changing ecosystem that they are part of.

An organization where the decision making is sole responsibility of the leader / entrepreneure, often find themselves limiting or exhausting. Events like recent pandemic has only magnified need to push the decision making to the edge, enabling everyone in the organization to think and decide on operational matters freeing up leadership to work on more strategic matters.

This is a specially curated coaching program for early stage start-ups, MSMEs, small teams and any one who wants to taste how Semco Style Framework can help build sense of ownership across teams, improve engagement driving productivity making positive impact on top line as well a bottom line.

Program at a glance

Group of 5 either individual participants or from the same organization

24 hours of group engagement
WhatsApp Group support

Rs.30,000/- + GST per participant


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