Agile Culture for Enterprises (ACE), is a bouquet of curated programs designed to make Agile work for your business. It unleashes the key goals that Agile was meant to accomplish – be successful as a business and be quick to adapt to changing market conditions and opportunities.

The programs focus not only on process but also on the culture in organizations and guide executive leadership and teams to achieve greater Agility.


Popular Agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe offer well-defined templates for organisations to implement Agile. These methodologies prescribe new organisational roles, ceremonies, and tools to drive agile adoption.

However, these frameworks make a crucial assumption – that the organisations implementing them possess an underlying culture conducive to Agile transformation. The ability of your Software teams to quickly respond to changing requirements while maintaining quality, and predictability at high sprint velocity hinges on fostering a culture that empowers business-aligned decision-making at every level of the organization. This necessitates highly motivated and empowered, cross-functional teams that self-organize to deliver exceptional outcomes.

These core principles are explicitly outlined in 5 of the 12 principles enshrined in the Agile Manifesto.

ACE – Agile Culture for Enterprise brings these to life through a proven framework and roadmap to make Agile Work for Business. The framework includes tried and tested practices that enable this transformation. The roadmap guides implementing these practices based on an organization’s context and goals



You need a dose of ACE if you are experiencing one or more of these:

Teams fail to meet sprint goals consistently.

Enhance the effectiveness of sprint planning by driving better team participation and decision-making skills.

No one talks in retrospectives.

Build psychological safety in teams and equip scrum masters with retrospective facilitation skills.

Standups don't happen if scrum masters are absent.

Train teams on the right techniques of startups including practices to break down hierarchy and silos within teams.

Too many activities in WIP status.

Equip teams and leaders with flow optimization techniques.

Teams under stress before every sprint review.

Prevent silos of work and cross skill teams to drive equal loading of all team members right through the sprint.


Insightful Evaluation through Survey, Observation and Active Listening

A simple anonymous survey combined with our consultants observing and listening to your teams go about their work.

The survey provides an objective assessment around the 5 cultural principles of Agile and identifies agile anti-patterns that are in play in your organization.

Align and Enable for effective implementation

Customized and interactive workshops that leverage real-life scenarios from your organization. Enables Agile teams, scrum masters and managers to recognize anti-patterns. Develops action plans for teams, scrum masters and managers to implement practices to build an agile culture in teams.

Guided Success through Coaching

Work with the teams on the ground to help them implement agile processes in letter and spirit.


We offer several packaged options that you can choose depending on your unique organizational needs. You can even choose to run our programs in a part of your organization as pilots.

Agile Culture for Enterprises – Curated Program Options

ACE Leadership Bootcamp

A 2-day workshop for leaders on the new role of leadership in Agile organizations. An experiential workshop that covers lean-agile concepts, the changes needed in operational governance mechanisms and management roles.

ACE Current State Assessment

An objective assessment of the cultural and process maturity of agile practices implemented in the organisation. The assessment is based on surveys, interviews and on the job observations. This is followed by a workshop to co-create a roadmap towards desired the state of maturity.

ACE for Agile Coaches

A 3-day workshop on the cultural elements of Agile covering most common anti-patterns. The workshop equips participants with lean thinking, specific practices, role redefinitions, governance mechanisms that can be implemented to build an Agile culture.

ACE Team Transformation

A focused 4-month engagement involving assessment, training and on the job coaching for one or two agile teams to help them improve their productivity by identifying and correcting agile anti-patterns.

ACE Organization Transformation

A comprehensive transformation program towards boosting agility of the organization. It includes lean thinking, redesigning role definitions, structural realignment, operational process refinements, shifting measurements from outputs to outcomes and behavioural coaching.

Agile Culture For Enterprises – Curated Strategic Options

ACE Product Pivot

A program specifically targeted to organizations looking to pivot from services led to product led growth. The program integrates the elements of product mindsets into the overall Agile Culture.

ACE Global

A program for GCCs to transform from being “cost centres” to becoming “value generators” by adopting the of spirit of Agile and Product mindsets.


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